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About EE Electrical & Building
Contracting and Maintenance

Policy Statement

EE Electrical is committed to the achievement and maintenance of the highest quality standards for, service, and employee performance by continuous improvement of processes and development of personnel

EE Electrical will achieve business sustainability for the benefit of all it's stakeholders

We are committed to equality of opportunity and the development of our employees, in order to achieve competitive standards in quality, service excellence and value for money.

We are committed to the integration of the quality management system into all aspects of our business activities and will strive to ensure that our services do not adversely impact on the health of our employees, the environment and the community


We commit to a return on investment, which will result in a viable business by pursuing the following:-

Conforming to the expectations of our customers requirements all the time by objective of zero "unsatisfactory or poor " on the customer satisfaction surveys.

To optimise the direct cost of quality against the cost of potential losses, defects and wastage. maintain a 0% rework rate.

Achieving a customer satisfaction level that equates to zero customer complaints ensuring that all company processes and services meet the requirements of the Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa, and applicable environmental regulations

To register 5 learner ships per year

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